“No inspiration to blog”…

… is probably a big fat excuse for my lack of consistent presence — or consistent lack of presence (both hold true) — on my blog. I’ve had my fair share of lethargy and laziness this week, albeit having done quite a number of stuff. First of all I had painstakingly made pineapple tarts for the Chinese New Year. The first time ever that I made the dough myself, wrapped the pineapple myself, baked them myself. Myself, myself, myself. My head’s getting a little big after DIY-ing a little bit, so let’s just put all the blame on the pineapple tarts. At work, I’ve also had my fair share of everything from silly chats to rigorous lab work. Great start to a new year. No wonder I had been lethargic lately.

So. I had spent my evenings mainly either making pastries, or reading reviews of inks and pens, or just hanging around on the fountain pen group on Facebook. Not very fruitful to say the least, in fact, I even made some losses from my wallet by ordering some flexible-nib fountain pens for Maek and myself. Oh the joy of anticipation! Won’t be getting them real soon but I will post a review when I have received them and tried them out.

Speaking of reviews, I have realised that I am actually using a couple of pretty lousy fountain pens. Pfff, as the French would say. One of these days I will re-do ALL of my fountain pen reviews as my comments of the pens I have are mostly — if not all — positive. And I’ll probably throw in a couple of ink reviews. I had seen some checklist kind of thing online about inks, and I’m thinking of designing one too. Perhaps another one for fountain pens as well, if applicable. For people like me who can’t read too much for too long (as I am very easily distracted) (that’s why there are so many brackets in each post I write) (I just can’t seem to avoid the use of brackets and write proper important statements) (now you know, ha-ha), I would definitely prefer very much a summarized version of the essay that I’m about to read. The “abstract” in a more abstract format. Let’s see how creative I will get.

For now, cross your fingers and pray hard for a rain of words from my blog really soon!

I would love to hear your thoughts!