Fountain pen collection as of October 31, 2011

Fountain pens (and some inks) as of October 31, 2011

fountain pens

The above picture, proudly presented by yours truly, is of the range of fountain pens that are in my possession as of October 31, 2011. The latest additions on this special date are the bottom-most three. Beautiful, aren’t they? It’s a pity this picture doesn’t capture very nicely the beauty of the fountain pens due to poor lighting and exposure or whatever jargon one should use. I am not an expert photographer.

The list of names of these fine writing instruments are as follows, in order from top to bottom of the picture:

At the sides are the ink bottles (left) and ink cartridges that I own. The ink bottles cannot be clearly seen due to the lack of light and wrong angling of the camera, but one is a Parker Quink black ink and the other two are Pelikans, Royal Blue and Violet. I am highly interested to try mixing inks myself too, to see how it would turn out. The cartridges consist of Platinum and Parker ones, and one single Lamy Blue which came along with my Lamy Al-Star which I bought today.

I will try to review and link to all the fountain pens I have, maybe also to make a list on the sidebar with links to my reviews.

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  1. owq 7 November 2011 / 12:20 AM

    Take a photo of those pens and inks in sunlight! That'll surely do them justice!

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