Sunday Inkings #35


Pens More by Mr. Iwase – Cronicas Estilograficas Favourite 5: Modern Fountain Pens – Fountain Pen Quest Fountain Pen Filling Systems – My Pen Needs Ink OMAS Extra Lucens and Lucens Fountain Pen Review – Unroyal Warrant Paper New Tricks: Write Notepads & Co. Pocket Notebooks – From the Pen Cup Baron Fig Special Edition 2016 Confidant Planner – Inktronics Inks Review: Diamine Umber – Alt Haven Others Montblanc has a problem – Pen Economics

Fountain Pen Stories, Nov 2015


Here are the contributions of fountain pen stories for November 2015. Stories have been edited slightly for language and coherence. The Rise And Decline Of An Addiction – Eli, Singapore My addiction with stationery began back when I was in secondary school. My favourite pastime while out accompanying my mum at shopping malls was to go straight to the closest stationery store to check out what new marvels they have imported in from japan that month. I started hoarding gel pens,…

Sunday Inkings #34


Blogging this Sunday Inkings #34 from Sukhothai, Thailand! Fountain Pen Day was on November 6 this year, which happened to coincide with my work trip, which also coincided with my birthday! So it’s too bad that I couldn’t celebrate Fountain Pen Day this year, but I hope that you could and enjoyed it. Fountain Pen Day! – Inkophile Now, here are the links from the past fortnight: Tale of a Vandal Pen Repairer: Namiki Inset Nib – Peaceable Writer Fountain Pen…

Sunday Inkings #33


Welcome to Sunday Inkings #33 and let’s see what interesting links we have this fortnight – Pens Sailor Limited Edition Rhapsodie – Calligraphy Nut What Is This Pen Worth? Part 1 – Identifying and Part 2 – Evaluating Condition – Goldspot Pens Delta Vintage Fountain Pen Review – White Acrylic – The Clicky Post Review: P200 Black (2014) – The Pelikan’s Perch Danitrio Sho-Hakkaku Ki-Dame Tamenuri: A Review – The Pen Addict Namiki Custom Impressions Fountain Pen Review – The…

SFPL Pen Meet, Oct 2015


I don’t always post about pen meets even if we hold them every month, but this time I managed to have a bit of time to go around and peek at what people are doing, and take lots of photos. The meet was held on Saturday, 17 October, at the Tea Party Cafe, which seems to have become our usual pen meeting place. It was sponsored by Fook Hing Trading Co., who contributed both refreshments and sponsored items for a…



In a very unfortunate event at Aesthetic Bay Singapore on 15 October 2015, 3 very exquisite Namiki fountain pens were stolen. I am posting this up so all you out there in the fountain pen community and beyond can be aware of this and help to nab the thieves. And if you have stolen the pens and are reading this right now, shame on you! The stolen pens are: Here is the statement from Mr Tan Fong Kum, Managing Director…

Fountain Pen Stories – Oct 2015


Here are contributions of fountain pen stories for October 2015. Stories have been edited slightly for language and coherence. I Draw With Fountain Pens, And I Collect Pink Ones – Annie, Singapore The first time I got into contact with a fountain pen was in school. I’m studying architecture and drawing was an important part of our curriculum. Of course, drawing was done not only with pencils but also with technical pens. We had to purchase technical pens by Rotring for…

Sunday Inkings #32


Here are this fortnight’s Sunday Inkings. Not as many interesting posts out there this time, but there are a few. Have fun reading! Pens The Regal Oxford – Inkdependence! News: Pelikan Nib Developments – The Pelikan’s Perch Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe Review – The Pen Addict Fountain Pen Nib Infographic by Pen Chalet – Pen Chalet Inks Shimmerfy your own inks. Because you can. – Leigh Reyes Parker Sonnet Subtle Big Red – Calligraphy Nut Paper Fountain pen friendly Filofax-compatible…

Iroshizuku Inks And Their Meanings, Part 4

Iroshizuku Part 4

This is my fourth and final part of the Iroshizuku Inks And Their Meanings series of reviews, where I reviewed 6 Iroshizuku inks per part. In this last instalment, I will review the remaining 6 inks: Murasaki-shikibu, Chiku-rin, Ina-ho, Ama-iro, Take-sumi, and Shin-kai. To read about how I log my inks, click on this article. It may be helpful for you to read that to understand some of the terms and references that I make in my post below. Iroshizuku Murasaki-shikibu Murasaki-shikibu (紫式部) has a…

The OFP Mystery Draw, September 2015

One notebook and four pens

I’M SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY in putting up this post. Finally I have picked the lucky winners to receive the prizes of the Mystery Draw this last quarter! First let’s have a look at the prizes. They are all Chinese brand pens and a notebook: I’ve gotten a few of the above pens for myself and decided to run a giveaway as they are pretty interesting. I have not tried the Hero 345 yet myself, though. Here’s my review…